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1 2 3, 2015
New Mexico School for the Arts, Santa Fe, NM

123 was an ensemble performance created and performed by local dance artists Micaela Gardner, Adam McKinney, Sarah Ashkin, Brittany Delany, Spencer Toll, Miles Tokunow, Ehren Natay, and Sophia Rog. Set in Santa Fe Archdiocese’s St Francis Elementary School Gymnasium, 123 was a tapestry of solos, duets, and trios deciphering the socially abstract themes of self, community, and habitat through movement. Individually choreographed sections were braided, resulting in a series of intimate realities set in a larger landscape of humanity. At once animal and pedestrian, wild and urban, 123 imagined the wondrous possibilities of an after hours gymnasium.

123 was made possible by New Mexico Dance Coalition, New Mexico School for the Arts, and 315 Restaurant and Wine Bar.

  • Choreography & Performance: Brittany Delany, Adam McKinney, Micaela Gardner, Sophia Rog, Spencer Toll, Sarah Ashkin, Miles Tokunow, and Ehren Natay

  • Lighting: Gary Ashkin

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