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The Borders Project, 2015
New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe, NM 

​The Borders Project was an interactive workshop designed to engage students of the New Mexico School for the Arts Dance Department in experiencing the historical exhibitions at the New Mexico History Museum in Downtown Santa Fe with a particular focus on borders and immigration. In each exhibit -- be it a timeline of Native resistance, the Treaty of Guadelupe Hiladgo, or stories of the Wild West -- students were asked to explore, find a resonant image, object, or piece of text and then transform their learning into gestural vocabulary.  The students shared their dance research with one another, and then engaged in a group conversation about their experiences of learning, creating, performing, and viewing.  The goal of this dance history workshop was to provide students with an interdisciplinary learning experience, in which they could intellectually, physically, and emotionally process the history of borders and immigration in New Mexico.  

  • Co-teachers: Sarah Ashkin, Adam McKinney and Micaela Gardner 

  • Participants: New Mexico School for the Arts Dance Department

  • Institutional partner: New Mexico History Museum

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