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Rite of Way, 2013
Santa Fe Railyard, Santa Fe, NM

Performed and co-created by 31 NMSA Dance Department students and 17 NMSA Visual Arts students, Rite of Way was the creative expression of students’ ongoing research into the history of Santa Fe and its railroads. Rite of Way explored the impact of the railroad in this region and the effects of industry and consumerism on our local  cultures. Communities’ stories about the railroad and its impact on life in Santa Fe were thematically woven into this mobile, thought-provoking, and layered evening work.

  • Co-Collaborators: Adam McKinney and Micaela Gardner

  • Dancers: New Mexico School for the Arts Dance Department

  • Music: Ehren Natay, Miles Tokunow and Adam McKinney

  • Artistic Direction: Cristina Gonzalez and Jacob Sisneros

  • Set Design and Fabrication: New Mexico School for the Arts Seniors Students

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