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Santa Fe Railyard Parking Garage, Santa Fe, NM 

How does automobile transportation dictate our relationship to society, landscape, and each other? BLIND SPOT took place amid the dimly lit concrete Railyard Parking Garage and focused on the history of the automobile and its impact on human lives.

Created and performed by 26 New Mexico School for the Arts Dance Department students and four Music Department students, BLIND SPOT marked NMSA’s fourth annual Inside/Out, a community-centered, site-specific performance series that connects student artists with local communities in innovative and public ways.

  • Co-Collaborators: Adam McKinney and Micaela Gardner

  • Presenters: Santa Fe AHA Festival

  • Dancers: New Mexico School for the Arts Dance Department

  • Music: New Mexico School for the Arts Percussion and Ehren Kee Natay

  • Projections: Andy Primm

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