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Weathering, 2011
Joshua Tree National Park, Indian Cove Amphitheater, CA

Weathering was spearheaded by Shayna Keller and her connection to the bizarre and beautiful landscape of Joshua Tree National Park. She writes,“Weathering emerged from a month-long artist residency in Joshua Tree National Park, during which I collaborated with performers Brittany Delany, Samantha Sherman and Sarah Ashkin, as well as composer Adam Tinkle, to develop a new piece exploring the intersections of somatic and geological systems. Over the course of the residency we explored the formal and aesthetic relationships between bodies and land and the impact of repetitive weathering on ecological and compositional environments. Through an intensive improvisational process, we began honing our sensory and perceptual awareness of our immediate surroundings, the overarching topographical configurations of the desert landscape and the way we, as human animals, fit into this place. Eventually, we generated movement material and a compositional framework that reflected the patterns, systems and logic of this wilderness. Weathering premiered at the Indian Cove Amphitheatre in Joshua Tree National Park on March 19th, 2011. Both nights, the audience was shuttled to and from the amphitheatre, emphasizing their journey into and out of a new experience of place.” 

  • Choreographer: Shayna Keller

  • Dancers: Brittany Delany, Samantha Sherman, Sarah Ashkin

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