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ORE, 2011
Santa Fe River arroyo, Santa Fe, NM

ORE was a site-specific dance that dealt with the value systems placed upon nature and on the body. As miners, geological surveyors, auctioneers, and sleep walkers, dancers explored how to assign worth to rocks, sand, arroyo walls, and also to hands, legs, and wingspans. The dance communicated the deep satisfaction of adventure, counting, and systematic specificity, as well as the calm that comes from present being in time and space.  ORE began with counting everything. One dancer auctioned off rocks from the arroyo floor, then her own hand, to the audience equipped with auction paddles. Other dancers covered themselves in mud only to shame each other for making such a mess.  In the end a temple of rocks is built to protect two sleeping bodies. ORE asked the audience to value themselves, others and the dry river bed that held them.


  • Dancers: Miles Tokunow, Paolo Speirn, Áine McCarthy, Sarah Ashkin

  • Music: Adam Gunther

  • Sculpture installation, documentation & dramaturgy: Eric Bissell

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