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Sarah Ashkin is an educator working in various contexts​She is a choreographer, educator, and facilitator, using dance as embodied political
intervention. Her work responds to the following guiding questions: How can we interpersonally and institutionally confront and dismantle white supremacy within the dance field? What is intersectional, social justice-driven dance pedagogy? How does dance performance and education foster personal, communal, and historical connection and healing?

Working across disciplines and with a commitment to equity and inclusion, Sarah Ashkin brings her work to various colleges and universities. She is available for performance, as a visiting artist or guest teacher, for workshops, and also for staff-wide facilitations, community round tables, and faculty and curatorial consultation. Working with GROUND SERIES and Practice Progress, Ashkin can design proposals for varying levels of engagement, depending on context, resource, and scale.


Please inquire for a custom-tailored plan for your school or community group. 

Course List:


● Conceptual and Embodied Experiments in Composition ● Improvisation with Voice, Movement, and Touch ● Whiteness and Dance ● Politics of Site ● Inquiry Based Choreography ● Social Practice and Performance ● Radical Somatics ● Release Technique ● Arts Administration ● Whiteness and the Body with Practice Progress

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