©2019 Sarah Ashkin

Sarah Ashkin is an educator working in various contextsWhether Sarah is teaching Site Specific Dance Making, Dance and Critical Race Theory, or Improvisation, her teaching philosophy remains the same.  Sarah believes the purpose of dance education is to:

1) Assist each student in cultivating the expressive powers of their dancing body through culturally responsive curriculum and teaching methods.  

2) Foster critical thinking skills in relationship to one’s own dancing body, as well as the relationship between movement practices and culture, and dance and choreographic politics.

3) Offer dance practices as forms of personal and communal awareness building, political resistance, and healing.  

Course List:


  • Site Specific Dance Making

  • Composition

  • Senior Projects

  • Release Technique

  • Post Modern Forms

  • Contact Improvisation

  • Delicious Movement

  • Improvisation

  • Massage and Body Work for Dancers

  • Dance Forms of the Southwest

  • Dance and Critical Whiteness Studies