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experiments with land and dance, 2019
Buckwheat Space Residency, Morongo Valley, CA 

GROUND SERIES was granted a 10-day residency at the Buckwheat Space in Morongo Valley, CA in November 2019.  Sarah led GROUND SERIES members Brittany Delany and Shayna Keller in day-long land-listening practices in the high desert terrain.  Dancers oriented to the patterns of sun and water, developing a series of tactile scores that changed the body's relationship to touch and land.  Dancers used movement, song, touch, shovels, and sticks to resonate with the energetic and sonic landscape.  In the process, a sculpture was made of net and plastic orbs while dancers experimented with mirrored paper and metallic fabrics as metaphors for water and time. 

On November 16th, GROUND SERIES invited 50 participants to join them on the Buckwheat Space grounds to share their residency research.  Dancers offered their choreographic experimentations as an ensemble, as durational solos, and through a photography exhibit.  Audience members participated in a workshop investigating the relationship between their own bodies, touch, sun, and water.  The research gathered during the experiments with land and dance are fodder for ongoing choreographic inquiry.  

  • PHOTO CREDITS: Lisa Wahlander, Brian Pescador, Sarah Ashkin, Coachella Magazine

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